Her Name is Ayin

I’m a human being wondering if life could be kind for the free-spirited. I do my best to see good in all things. I identify myself with art and words and soothing noises and kindred souls and endless horizons and deep dark oceans and people I never met and worlds I’ve visited in my head and unbroken thoughts and everything and nothing.

Here you’ll find what I’ve gotten my hands or head or heart (or all three) on to. So I’ll let my blog do all the talking. See ya!

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4 thoughts on “Her Name is Ayin

    1. Wow, thank you so much! Some are from the anime series I’ve seen, some in games. Occasionally, I draw stuff from my own mind, although I’m not confident that I’ll be able to make them interesting at the very least. Anyway, there are still more to come, and maybe I’ll include little details on who they are next time. : ) Gah, I kinda babbled, so yeah– thank you for taking the time!

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