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My Writer Friends Encouraged Me To Write Again

One writer friend kept shoving her fanfics/AUs to my face for years now and I love every second of it. Her contagious enthusiasm lead me to breathe some of those writings to life through my art. It’s always an amazing thing. Seeing her expand and cross existing fictional worlds and characters is always a joy to experience. We chat up scenarios and treat our favorite characters as if they truly exist. I just love to write little dialogues in response to those head canons or fangirl-worthy scenes. What’s even more amazing is when we keep syncing thoughts. It’s borderline creepy.

One writer friend recently set up a Tiny Letter. Knowing how amazing she already is with personal blogs, I subscribed. Just two write-ups so far and I’m already shookt. She is raw and authentic and I admire her so much for who she is and what she has to say. It’s really like having someone over coffee minus the awkwardness of being  physically present. I held myself back from replying to the first letter because I tend to give long responses if I’m moved. I responded to the second letter instead because I thought I wouldn’t have much to say. I somehow mustered enough shamelessness and poured my heart out. She wonderfully replied and I am f l o or e d (I didn’t have enough energy to reply to her reply, haha sorry po;;; ) I may or may not set up my own TinyLetter as well.

One writer friend is going through so much and is currently converting her life story into a short story for a competition of sorts. I was honored to get a preview of it and while she had already told me her story through tongue, it’s still an entirely different experience in written word. Her story telling prowess is something the world needs to witness. She has so much magic. She is a wonderful soul and she deserves so much more than living in a house she cannot call home. She deserves all the kindness in the world.

One writer friend risks her life every day because it is her duty to write what needs to be known. I’ve always seen her to be where she is right now and more. Her soul is fire and she is full of wit and courage. She is strong and raw and has so much heart and so very human. She is unapologetically herself and it is simply admirable. She was called to be a great journalist.

One writer friend hasn’t done that much writing lately from what I could see. I hope she is still working on her novel. She left a comment on this blog’s About page and it just hit me straight in the heart. I don’t know why. She has that sort of effect even in the shortest of sentences she constructs (check her Twitter). It was the last push I subconsciously needed. I miss you too and here I am writing again and I thank you.

I thank all of you.


5 thoughts on “My Writer Friends Encouraged Me To Write Again

  1. You have no idea how moved I am. I thank you, too. ❤
    I keep trying to write but words elude me. I fear every day that I won't be able to write anymore.

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Awwww, I feel you (esp with art) but I'm slowly accepting that there will always be dry seasons. The words will come someday. *hugs*

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