Happy 21st!

DON’T READ THIS TIL IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY. First off. Wow, such an original title! Yes, you may tease me for that. Hoho. I hate titles. Tease me for my grammar too coz I didn’t mind it that much lel Well, I’ve never done this before. And it’s 5 AM (and I ended around 8 AM and I should be preparing coz larga na huhu) and I lack sleep and Kaitlin is so good at this so I stalked her blog a bit for ideas hoho. Maybe, because this feels like, idk, a very public thing (like, proclamation of loove thingy //shudders) to blog this, and my introvert-ness sometimes kicks in and makes me wanna stop but hey- I’m subduing it coz my birthday presents for you aren’t ready //creys  So yeah. :> Tomorrow, you’ll turn 21 and I won’t be by your side to celebrate it because I’m miles away in summer youth camp and there’s no signal there so I can’t even greet you via text tomorrow. T_T It’ll be about a week before we’ll see each other again. Belated birthday greetings will be so belated by then so I was thinking of how to make it up to you and even ended up searching 21st birthday gift ideas for guys/boyfriends. (The things I do for you sometimes lol) Because it’s been two years in a row that I was never there during your birthday coz camp. I’m so sorryyy! T 3 T I’m still unsure as to what to give you till now (and it adds to the difficulty that it’s not your main love language- gifts) but I guess this blog post is one of them. Main message is below. Ou, prologue pa ni lol.

 yemmy cutie HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LALABS! //hugs you tightly You’re 21 naaaaa! GUWANG lol jk Legal. And I guess this is how the world tells you that you need to be a responsible adult and should figure out you’re entire life by now. No pressure, haha! But seriously, who ever actually figured their lives at 21? So don’t worry. We’re all still discovering ourselves and I believe in you. And we both know the weight of those words by now, yeah? Cue that moment sa canteen that Ralph ruined, hahaha! How do I even begin with you? You is smart. You is kind. You is important. (lol jk but not really) You’re not just smart. You try to find sense and meaning in everything. In music, in stories, even in math formulas (!) no matter how mundane they seem to be. You’re living out the “Everything has a purpose.” quote. I think that’s more amazing than being the smartest in the universe. You’re not just kind. You seek fairness. You hate it when people use people for selfish reasons. You hate how loved ones would do something wrong and how they won’t listen to you when you just want them to change for the better. You want everyone to grow and sometimes that meant giving yourself to others. Sometimes it meant giving yourself up for others. You’re not just important. There is no other Jeremiah Gabriel in the entirety of human existence. God’s so amazing to have created you. You’re an amazing human being with beautiful taste for art and food and music with not-so-good grammar yet beautiful ideas and stories and a wonderful heart and easily distracted mind and all of you is just so you and you can never be replaced by another person. You are an artist in so many ways. In your own ways. Your creativity just shines. You’ve helped people with your words and actions. You matter! You do. You really, really do. Because you’re important. And I hope you’ll remember that when you’re in doubt of yourself or your life or your existence. and most of all, You are always loved by God. No matter what sort of a human being you can be. and you’re loved by me too hiihii And I thank you for being my first (awwwwwww ew ka cheesy). Seriously, thank you. For going along with me when we take too many selfies in class; for being with me in my adventures na walay klaro coz even I can’t decide on where to go; for the late night conversations and art sessions and weirdness wherever we go; for supporting me with FORWARD and SEP and my art and in class and my extracurri-kuri; for tolerating and even going along my fangirling; for lifting me up and making me smile/laugh when I’m down and assuring me when I’m worrying too much; for telling me straight up with what you think is wrong in the things I’m doing and through that, helping me to be a better version of myself; for so many things that it’s taking too much word count but basta you know na. Bottomline. I APPRECIATE ALL OF THESE AND MORE AND I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH I LOVE YOU MWAH weirdos //rolls By next year around this time, I hope graduating/ni-graduate na ta. Maybe you’ve slimmed down because all that hard work at the gym finally paid off. I’ll miss those fats, seriously, but I’ll be so happy to see you healthy. :’D In a few years, maybe you’re on your way in building your career or still discovering where you need to be. Whether you end up as a wedding photographer, a conceptual artist for games, part of a production house (director/cinematographer/editor/a c t o r?), or wherever you might be, I just know you’ll pour out your soul in everything you do. I’ve seen it in your drawings, the films you’ve shot/directed/edited, and in the class works (even non-class works) that you believed to have mattered. And it’s just inspiring to see someone pour themselves out into something and how you constantly push yourself to beyond what you give. It will always amaze me. And I hope you’ll be happy wherever you’ll life leads you. Happier than now. Happier than you’ve ever been. Because you know you’re in the right path by then. Whether I’ll be with you for the rest of the journey or not, just know I’ll forever support you, my dear. Maybe not as a lover (if dili kita. If walay forever. If ambot hahahahahahaahaha) but always here as a friend pd. 😀 (CHEESEEEE) Live long, Yem. Live long enough to reap the bounty from your mom’s garden that you’ll give her. Live long enough to travel to so many places and create so many memories that you just had to keep a journal to remember them all. Live long enough to master the art of creativity and the many mediums to express them. Live long enough to see aspiring artists be inspired and other people be touched by your works in your own art/photo exhibit and. Live long enough to have a beautiful married life with a loving wife, cute and creative kids and home-y home in a calm part of a city. Live long enough to teach your grandchildren how to use watercolor and the good-ol’ SLR cameras. (They’ll probably have futuristic built-in cameras in their eyes.) Live long enough that you’ve figured out what God planned for you all along and you’re living it happily. Because you deserve happiness, my love. But I hope that you won’t look too far ahead and forget what’s in front of you and forget how to be happy now. Congrats on existing for 21 years, you beautiful human being you! ♥ With much love such cheese, Yiyin P.S. Have I told you HOW CUTE YOU REAAAALLLLY ARE? Hiihii mwah x


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