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I need to get over my fear of screwing up in attempt to use watercolors because they’re soooo much fun! * ^ *

This is already a few weeks old. Supposed to be an entry for a competition. I didn’t regret staying up all night for this though because I had imaginary company.


2 thoughts on “watercolour.

  1. Ohh looks nice. *A* I love the…clouds behind her? *u* Idk, but the blue is pretty~ (And omfgh that paper texture is nicee. |D /stalks your wordpress awyeah; )

    1. eeeep thank you. ❤ Yes, those are clouds. /sobs
      Gouache. 😀 I like how they feel /strokes them
      [amg don't stalk me nooo I don't have that much here ubububu]

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