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All My Love to Long Ago

To the little girl

with the big grin and long hair,

You think you know it all

But there’s so much more out there, you just haven’t seen it.

You’ll go through heartaches

and learn to keep them to yourself.

Because it’s easier to stash them away

Than to open up and risk the pain.

You are bold and brave

but reality will soon take it away

To make up for the emptiness, you’ll take comfort in fantasies

and conform with the world’s way.

The things you’ll go through

Well, you will learn to get over them

For you were never the type to dwell in the past

Rather, you look forward to what is ahead.

This doesn’t stop you from regretting

of the things you did without thinking

You will wish a million times

That somehow, you can change it

So many times you will feel that you are on your own,

Even though you are loved by so many, you will choose not to see it.

Sometimes you will acknowledge their sentiments,

But deep inside, you are scared that it’s but a lie.

You will choose to be ignorant, deaf and blind

Because you are scared of reality and the pain it abides

You will barely speak of your feelings

Because you will think no one cares.

The present isn’t at all that different.

A lot of things stayed the same.

But you will learn to slowly open the doors,

And let in the emotions you thought you couldn’t hold.

To the little girl who wept alone on the floor,

The stars are always there; the clouds just hid them away.

So whatever happens, good and bad,

Just be true to yourself, and hold on to God’s hand.


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