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The Doctor Dances

The Doctor Dances

Drew this for a contest held by the Doctor-x-Rose-Club in deviantart (that I fortunately won first place! /happyfeels/ )

I went with this one because dancing is very lovely.
And they barely noticed that they got teleported and I just–! /squealing
I wanted to draw their dancing in the TARDIS but nevermind. ANYWAY.
I just love the story in The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. It’s by Steven Moffat. So ’nuff said.
It’s just brilliant and thrilling and Captain Jack is in iiiiit! And doesn’t the ‘Are you my mummy?’ thing scare you? Scares me all the time. And the Doctor telling them to go to their room is just clever. I could never get over it. x’DDD And Jack and Rose dancing with Big Ben behind them. AhhhHH

So here, first 9/Rose fan art from me. I’ll improve in time. Drawing real people is really not my forte. My anime-ish style just burst through everything I draw. = 3 = And my coloring is all blargh, so, sorry. ; 3 ; AND HOW DO YOU DRAW NINE’S FACE I JUST DON’T KNOW.


2 thoughts on “The Doctor Dances

    1. Same with me. I knew I was in for the ride after that episode. Or was it on the episode with Charles Dickens? Ahhh, doesn’t really matter. Nine and Rose got me hooked. And thank you so much!

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